A hand-picked collection of natural nutrients from raw, untreated, organic, non-gmo whole food concentrates whenever possible for both adults and kids because real is better than synthetic.

No multivitamin can replace the thousands of trace nutrients (both known and still unknown) that are present in real food.

Did you know...

  • Supplements that list nutrients individually on the label (such as vitamin C) or use chemical names (like ascorbic acid) are almost always synthetic? Synthetic supplements are isolated nutrients made artificially in an industrial process. Which means makes taking synthetic supplements is akin to eating processed food.
  • Synthetic vitamins and supplements are not particularly well absorbed and used by the body? Synthetic supplements lack the vitamins, minerals, co-factors and enzymes naturally found in real foods that allow for optimal use by the body. Which is why scientific studies often rightfully conclude that (synthetic) supplements are not always useful or effective. 
  • There are no required measures for quality control in the supplement industry? The majority of supplements on the market (even natural or doctor approved) are synthetic nutrients and NOT naturally occurring like in real, whole food. And, unfortunately, fraud is prevalent. Which means synthetic supplements can actually be harmful to your body over time because they are not natural nutrients and may cause detrimental side effects. 

My primary focus is building the best nutritional foundation for wellness from real, whole food sources. I whole-heartedly believe there is simply no better or wiser way to do this than through traditional real foods + the judicious use of natural whole food supplementation.

Increasing your nutrient load from traditional real food + real, whole food concentrates will help: (1) Prevent disease and prevent the potential toxic side effects resulting from taking vitamin supplements that contain processed and refined isolates; (2) Boost health and boost your ability to avoid overeating because your body is nutrient satisfied. 

Finally, I practice the golden rule, only selling products I take myself or give my own kids. 

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